Hong Kong, June 2024

HK in the rain
Hong Kong Island in the Rain - June 2024 Nikon D850, 28-70@28mm, f5.6, 1/800s. GPS: N:22° 17' 40.1" E:114° 10' 06.5"

Yes, I'm back in Hong Kong for the second year in a row. This time, the timing was related to the Dragon Boat Festival, which I have been trying to attend for decades.

The only downside of visiting in June is the weather gods, who are usually active and make it the wettest month. Oh well, it's more and more likely this will end up being the blog of "Hong Kong in the rain" rather than what I had planned.

Check out the above photo, taken early in this trip from the Kowloon waterfront showing the Hong Kong island skyline in the middle of one of the very frequent rain storms.

Shock horror, it's finally stopped raining long enough for me to make it out to the Chi Lin Nunnery and the attached Nan Lian Gardens. And yes, the tale of this visit is finally available.

So far, the only additions are for the Dragon Boats, Chi Lin Nunnery, and the Kowloon Waterfront Walk but more will be added in the next week or so.

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