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3D Models

These are some 3D models, mainly created as a "stress reduction" technique over the past few years. Currently they are not available for download, although if there is demand, this may change. As for commercial use, again if there is any interest, they may end up on turbo squid

For those interested, all where created using the mac version of Modo

German 88mm Flak Gun
WW2 German Flak Gun

This was one of the first renders with as much detail as possible based on the available reference material.
Speaking of reference material, after some digging around, the following books showed up, and being basically blueprints, makes them about as good a reference as it's possible to get. Anyhow below are links for these reference books at amazon.

Military Hummer
Military Hummer

This one may be very much a "work in progress" but it's still another one with with as much detail as possible, again based on the available reference material, which in this case is not even close to as good as for the flak gun.