Gardens by the Bay

Not good, but not unexpected; I woke up to more rain, although not as heavy as yesterday, so again, Sentosa was not a good move. Plan B was to head for the Gardens by the Bay and try Sentosa tomorrow.

For those who do not know, the Gardens by the Bay are two huge domes containing various environments and plants from around the world, all set in landscaped gardens. And yes, this includes the huge supertrees commonly seen in the tourist add for Singapore.

With the weather being interesting, rather than walking, I decided to take the MRT, which, although not ideal for me (I like walking), did mean I could get there without getting drowned.

Head for Bay Front MRT; from there, it is a short walk to the gardens and surprise, the rain had stopped, although looking at the sky, no idea for how long.

Gardens by the Bay 1
Gardens by the Bay - Singapore Flyer, and Super Trees (GPS: 1° 16' 57.00" N, 103° 51' 44.84" E)
* D850, 28-70@56mm, f8, 1/250s (GPS: Unavailable)
Gardens by the Bay 2
Gardens by the Bay - Super Trees and Flower Dome (GPS: 1° 16' 57.11" N, 103° 51' 44.08" E)
* D850, 28-70@56mm, f8, 1/250s (GPS: Unavailable)

My plan for the gardens was to visit the Supertrees, wander around the gardens, and finally see the domes; however, with the pouring rain, I only managed to do some short walks on the way to the domes, in a most welcome break in the rain. Just look at the sky in the above photos to see what I was dealing with.

Ok, moving on to the domes, and after a relatively long queue for tickets, ticket in hand its time to head for the Flower dome, and after that head to Cloud Forest

The flower dome is divided up into multiple habitats from different parts of the world, which should be interesting, with some real photo opportunities.

Rather than waffle on, here are some photos

Flower Dome 2
* D850, 28-70@28mm, f6.3, 1/160s (GPS: Unavailable)

Interestingly, they have added wood carvings and various statues to enhance the experience; this one has the whole Alice in Wonderland thing going, which is interesting as it's surrounded by succulents.

Flower Dome 1
* D850, 28-70@28mm, f4, 1/60s (GPS: Unavailable)

Not sure why a dragon, but regardless I found it a stunning carving, not that I know what it's made of; just looks like wood carving. And yes, these carvings and statues will be the subject of many more photos.

Flower Dome Dragon
* D850, 28-70@28mm, f4, 1/250s (GPS: Unavailable)

In this one, its good to see that they do not take things that seriously.

Flower Dome Sign
* D850, 28-70@28mm, f4, 1/250s (GPS: Unavailable)

This next one is right out of Winnie the Poo

Flower Dome 5
* D850, 28-70@40mm, f3.2, 1/40s (GPS: Unavailable)

This one from the South African Garden shows some sort of Gazelle, and yes its the first one of these carvings which makes sense to me.

Flower Dome 4
* D850, 28-70@45mm, f4, 1/60s (GPS: Unavailable)

Yes this is another one which makes zero sense to me, however its just very well done, and the last one before moving to the other dome.

Flower Dome 6
* D850, 14-24@14mm, f4.5, 1/320s (GPS: Unavailable)

Now moving on to the Cloud Forest dome.

From what various people told me, I was expecting the cloud forest to be good, but on entering the dome, the first thing I saw was this. Wow

Cloud Forest 1
* D850, 14-24@14mm, f4.5, 1/320s (GPS: Unavailable)

So good start, now rather than waffel on, here are the photos

Cloud Forest 2
* D850, 14-24@15mm, f5, 1/80s (GPS: Unavailable)

This next one, was taken from one of the high walkways, the view is worth it, its just not one for those with fear of heights.

Cloud Forest 3
* D850, 14-24@14mm, f5, 1/80s (GPS: Unavailable)

I will add more photos as time allows, but it goes without saying that the cloud forest is impressive, very impressive.

Anyhow, the step count from todays wanderings was not too bad.

Daily Stats: 12,032 steps. 9.43km

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