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Singapore July 2022 - Wandering around

After many hours sleep, it's time to figure out exactly where everything is, as while this is not even close to my first visit to Singapore, the last being around 10 years back and things change.

But before venturing out into the heat, it's time to check out the view from the hotel window.

Carlton Hotel
* D850, 28-70@28mm, f2.8, 1/1000s, 7 shot composite (color and perspective correction, alignment fix, crop)

Nothing special, but better than the view of the air conditioning experiences in Hong Kong a few years back.

So, time for sunscreen and lots of it.

With me being used to the furnace which usually is the Sydney summer, the heat in Singapore is pleasant to me, but if you are not used to it being hot, it can be like walking into a wall. You have been warned.

First job of the day is to stock up the essentials of life, shaving stuff (which is currently sitting on the floor at home!!!), tooth paste etc.

From previous trips, the first stop would always be Marina Square mall, which according to the map was not far, not that the map got a look in.

After decades of travel, the sense of direction kicked in, and yes, actually ended up at the mall, although on reflection the map should have been followed.

Now having visited this mall many times over the years, it was a real shock, bigger and in some places a construction site. No big deal, and very much expected, it's time to go for a wonder around to get the lay of the land, added to the step count big time.

Having stocked up, the next thing to do was go find some computer cables, which just like the shaving stuff are back home in Sydney.

Again, based on previous trips, the first stop of this sort of thing was the Funan centre which used to be a multi-level computer mall.

So, after adding way too many steps to the daily count, the Funan centre has changed just like the other mall, except in this case it's not really a computer mall anymore, it's more a general shopping centre that has many photography shops on one of the upper levels.

And yes, there are still some computer stores, just more the high end, and not really the bit's and pieces places that used to be all over the place.

Anyhow, finding the first of the missing cables was not a problem, everyone sells USB cables.

A real surprise was the other missing cable, which was the nothing more than a figure 8 power cable for the camera charger. No one in the Funan had one. Plan B time.

Next door to the Funan is one of the many general shopping centres, with the first I tried being a camera store which looked interesting, lots of bit's and pieces.

Heading into the store and talking to the staff, they were not interested in helping, just said we don't have, then walked off. Charming.

Yet more steps added to the count, there was a very small store so full of cables it was interesting to enter. The experience here was the exact opposite of the previous place. The staff was very helpful, and even had the cable in question.

That's a win for the day, the missing cables are all replaced, so the technology is finally back to full functionality.

With that sorted out, and feeling brave it was time to play tourist, with the first being a walk along the Singapore river.

So, camera in hand, it's out into the heat, and off in the general direction (remember that sense of direction!!).

Way more steps added to the daily count, there is the river, and the walkway disappearing in the distance, with some views highlighting the old and new Singapore, it's camara time.

Another cardinal rule of photography is to check your camera battery, which is one which totally slipped the mind.

Bring up the camera to take some shots, the low battery indicator came up, and yes, there was much bad language used.

Making the best of the situation, the camera died after a few shots. With one of the better ones showing some of the hi-tech high rises together with some of the older colonial ones.


While this is a fair shot, it's not even close to the usual standard, so tomorrow, after charging the battery and grabbing the extra wide-angle lens, it's back to the walk for some serious photography.

Ok, time to come clean. The above shot which I did take has had some basic photoshop work to correct the perspective and a few other things I was not happy with. For those interested the original is available here

Checking the step count, was a real shock, over 26 thousand, which according to Samsung health was a little over 21km.

Daily Stats: 26,077 steps. 21.18km