Street Signs and Art

Street Art
* D850, 14-24@20mm, f4.5, 1/4000s. (GPS: 1° 16' 56.4132" N, 103° 50' 42.345" E)

This new gallery came into being after one of my trips to Singapore, where I stumbled upon some excellent street art and started taking photos, and ended totally hooked. Then as part of the same trip, spotting several signs which showed the lighter side of Singapore, and fit in well here.

The above shot was taken after waiting around for the traffic to cooperate, and is located just in from the junction of South Bridge Rd and Temple Street in Singapore Chinatown. For more information the artist has a web page available which covers it in detail. And yes this gallery has more examples of this talented artists work in the same area.

Most of the photos in this gallery where taken in Singapore during my April 2022 trip, however I have added some from other trips, and one I took many years back in Sydney which may or may not be Banksy [view].

As part of doing some research while creating this gallery, it seems that there are many more examples of this art in Chinatown, which I totally missed, so with the next Singapore trip I will track them all down and add photos.

August 2023 - Hong Kong
April 2023 - Singapore
February 2014 - Sydney Australia
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