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Welcome to sol4

Yes the time has finally come to rejoin the wild wild web, public internet, and this time rather than being self hosted, it's found a home with a swiss based commercial hosting provider. And for those who are interested in a good hoster give them a try hostpoint.ch

As for what this site is, first no, it's not a space site although I am a supporter of space exploration. In place of this, sol4 is place where several of us can share content with the internet in general. Its broken up into multiple sections which are:

Be aware, just about everything on this site is in a state of flux, being proof read, spell checked, new stuff added, and generally cleaned up. Watch this space.

Latest Posts

Weights Kieser Physio and Strength Training People said it would never happen, that I would never join any sort of gym, but where they all wrong, as after my back went out yet again, and on the recommendation of a work colleague, I went to see Kieser for physio therapy, and ended up joining their strength training program. This is the tale of my journey with them and how things improved. [read]

Singapore Skyline Singapore 2022 This is my first trip since most of the planet came out of the covid restrictions, and while this is not even close to my first visit to Singapore it is going to be the first where I can actually play tourist, and do some shopping, serious shopping. For this trip, I have actually written a review of the hotel I stayed at, and a day by day blog style tale of what I got up to during this trip, complete with lots of photos. [read]

Nikon D850 Photography I have been heavily involved in the photography world for many decades, and yes starting with good old film back in the 70s, moving through various technologies, range finder, SLR etc. This page is contains the details of the camera gear which I use on a regular basis for all types of shooting, plus some general comments on what I think of each one. [read]