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Architecture and Landscape Photography

North Sydney
* D700, 80-200@80mm, f/2.8, 1/250s, 19 shot composite, December 29, 2007, North Sydney NSW

This gallery contains, as the name suggests some of my landscape and architecture themed photos, taken over the past few decades wandering around both at home here in Sydney and overseas. Currently its mainly Sydney and Singapore, but there is a plan to add some Hong Kong shots.

As always where possible technical details for each shot is included plus notes of any work done with photoshop.

And yes, the above image has been photoshopped, and not just the compositing process, but also cropped, had some alignment issues manually fixed, color and perspective corrections. For those interested the full sized image is truely massive at 21544 x 3996 at 300ppi and runs in at a little over 2GB file size.