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Sydney CBD

Sydney CBD From Miltons Point
* D850, ISO200, 28-70@70mm, f/5.6, 1/2500s, Photoshop; 6 shot composite, object removal, haze, color and perspective correction

This gallery is a collection of photos I have taken in and around the sydney CBD over the past few decades, each comes with the technical details of the specific shot, wether its been photoshoped or not.

The above image is a crop from a composite of 6 x 45MP shots, taken from Cremorne Point Ferry Warf, and composited with photoshop, the result then had object and haze removal, color and perspective correction. The resulting image is massive, at 26864x5696px at 300ppi, which gives a 3GB compressed file. And yes it will make a really good printed banner, so if anyone is interested please contact me at the martian engineer AT gmail dot com

February 2023

March 2007