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Carlton tower, image from their web site

The Carlton Hotel Singapore

This page is basically my thoughts on staying at this hotel back in July of 2022

In the past, my hotel of choice has been the Marina Mandarin or Marina Bay Sands, however, for this trip, a friend recommended I try a cheaper, but just as good option, the Carlton and given the cost saving I figured why not save some money.

My thoughts on the other hotels are quite simple, the Marina Mandarin is very good, in a near perfect location, very comfortable which is based on many stays over the years.

And yes, I am well aware that the Marina Mandarin has been rebranded as the Park Royal Collection, but as there are many of these in Singapore, I will keep referring to it by the old name.

As for Marina Bay Sands, based on my single short stay with them, was a major disappointment, the room was basically a cupboard, the TV did not work, and the shower was basically disgusting, with hair stuck to the wall, in short, that was my first and last stay with them.

Anyhow back to the Carlton.

For this trip, I booked the Carlton as part of a package with flightcenter, at the time the cost difference against the Marina Mandarin was around AUD$1000, which was quite a shock, and most welcome as this trip was on my dime.

Arriving at Changi airport at some very early hour of the day, and getting a Taxi, as is normal with me, I started a conversation with the driver and asked what he had heard about the Carlton.

He basically told me, that it was one of the older ones, but is also one of the good ones.

A good start.

Moving on to the arrival, no surprises, it's a typical good hotel with the usual plush lobby, with polite helpful staff etc

The only thing I really noticed was the number of staff on duty even at that very early hour. In the past I have always expected a skeleton staff, but no, in this case all the lobby looked fully staffed, and from the following days, I did not see any difference in staffing levels. A good sign that they care.

* This photo came from the Carlton web site, after I lost the ones I took, due to a bad memory card.

The check in process was, as expected, professional and quick, they needed to see my passport, a credit card for the $200 room deposit, give me the electronic card key and the ever important Wi-Fi details.

My room was on the 23rd floor, and is what they call a deluxe room

My Initial thoughts on the room are good, it's very well laid out, has a walk in shower with a gift from the gods rain head, and seperate toilet. Basically everything you need with none of the fluff.

* This photo came from the Carlton web site, after I lost the ones I took, due to a bad memory card.

One thing to note is the mini bar, which is empty, although according to the web site can be stocked on demand. This is something I have not seen before, not that it's a bad thing, quite the opposite it's a big plus, as it's my way when traveling to keep cold drinks and snacks in my room. And no this is not just to save money, but I have multiple dietary issues which mean I have to be super careful on what I eat.

Now from the 23rd floor, the view from the window should be good, but having arrived in the very early hours, not much to see, just city lights. Anyhow, in the morning, I took the following.

* D850, 28-70@28mm, f2.8, 1/1000s, 7 shot composite (color and perspective correction, alignment fix, crop)
For those not fermilier with the layout of Singapore, this is looking out toward the orchard road shopping strip, which is a near perfect segway to the Carltons location.

The Carlton is about as centrally located as it's possible to be, being right across the street from the world famous Raffles Hotel, diagonally opposite to the Raffles City shopping center, around a 15 minute easy walk to Orchard road shopping strip, and with 3 MTR subway stations within a few minutes walk of the lobby. It basically does not get better when it comes to location.

* The above map is from google maps

You will note that again, I talk about walking, and yes I know it's hot in Singapore, so this is not for everyone. As for me, I am known for not feeling the heat or humidity, and for walking everywhere.

Anyhow, for those who do not like the heat, remember the Carlton is diagonally opposite the Raffles city shopping center, which has underground access to multiple MRT stations, plus multiple other shopping centers etc.

While on the subject, in the sublevel of the Raffles City shopping center is a Marks and Spencer, who does a killer pastry, which ended up being my go to breakfast.

Anyhow, I was actually planning to go back to Singapore in December for a much longer visit, and yes the plan was to stay at the Carlton. This trip was cancelled after a problem with the airline and travel agent.

Now that trip may have been cancelled, but now there is another longer one coming up in April 2023, and yes I am staying at the Carlton, so expect updates to the photos on this page.