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Hall of shame

From time to time, we come across various instances where the magic smoke has escaped from electronics, plus details of a few really nasty products, some of which are just plain lethal, and finally anything else which looked worth adding to the Hall of shame.

Smoke Boom
Magic Smoke

Whats magic smoke? well think about it, everything electronic contains it, and when it escapes things stop working. And yes when during these escapes, there can be flames.

This secition is a collection of examples where this escape of smoke, or the aftermarth have been captured on film.

Smoke Boom
Nasty Technology

Yes nasty technology, these are examples of the sort of technology which no one wants to even get close to, let alone use, some are just plain crappy, others dangerous, and still more potentially lethal.

The first example in this section is the power supply which came with a high power laser module, which was so bad it is the sort of thing which could kill if used.