* Image from qnap website

This one is very close to home; my QNAP TS-531X NAS had been giving random errors with its network connectivity; it would still work, but it just had dropouts, etc.

No, this is not a QNAP bashing exercise; the NAS I had was ten years old and had been running 24x7 ever since it was first installed, and being hammered with near constant high load, with zero issues until the network problems started.

I ran through the full diagnostic test book, identified the network port as the cause of the issue, and decided to replace it; after all, it was way beyond its expected lifespan.

And yes, the replacement was also QNAP, not another TS531, but a rack-mounted TS-832 😀

The following shot was taken during the autopsy on the old NAS after the new one was installed and running.

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