Hong Kong - August 2023

Hong Kong Trip
Hong Kong Island Waterfront Nikon D700, 28-70@28mm, 1/3200s, f4. GPS: N:22° 17' 34.8138" E:114° 10' 12.4926"

Yes, yet another overseas trip; this time, it's back to Hong Kong after way too many years. Yes, I said back, as I lived there back in the day and have been visiting ever since, with this being the longest time between visits. COVID has even more to answer for, and yes, I have had it multiple times 😫

As for the above shot, this is a crop of a composite made up of 48 shots, taken back in 2012 just as a typhoon was approaching, check out the stormy sky.

What to see and do [top]

This is based on recommendations from friends who live there, my memory from back in the day, plus way too much time googling.

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