Botanic Gardens - April 2023

Street Art
Swan Lake - April 2023. Samsung SM-S908E, f2.2, GPS: N:1° 19' 16.6" E:103° 48' 59.6"

Ok, today the weather was looking ominous, with plenty of dark clouds and the odd rumble of thunder, but at least for now, no rain, so it was time to venture out, heading for the Botanical Gardens; it was breakfast, then the MRT.

Arab Street
Nikon D850, 28-70@28mm, f2.8, 1/125s.
GPS: N:1° 18' 56.2" E:103° 49' 3.8"

Following my usual Marks and Spencer breakfast and a short trip on the MRT, I emerged back into the heat from the Botanic Gardens Station and wandered into the gardens.

At least there was still no rain, although the sky was looking ominous, and yes still some rumbles of thunder, so rather than spend the day looking around the gardens, I decided to head straight for the Orchid Gardens as that was high on the must-see list for a visit, and see the rest if the weather gods allowed it.

What I did not fully understand was the Orchid Gardens where not exactly close to the MRT station, rather at the far side of the gardens, anyhow off on the latest long treck, following the signs and really trying to avoid getting distracted.

It took about half an hour to get to the Orchid Gardens, and yes that included getting turned around by some confusing signs and distracted by other things to see.

Orchid Gardens
Orchid Gardens April 2023

The Orchid Gardens are the only place in the Botanic Gardens that charges for entry, not that this is a problem, and trust me, it's worth it.

As expected, I spent several hours in the Orchid gardens and took many photos, with the best ones making it into a dedicated gallery, which can be found here.

When I emerged from the orchid gardens, the weather was looking ominous, with dark clouds and even more thunder, so for this trip, I decided to cut things a little short, and avoid getting drowned, so headed for closest exit.

For the next trip, I will make sure to pick a better day to visit, so expect updates.

The daily stats: 24, 543 steps, or a little over 20km

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