Rain and Shopping July 2022

Oh well, it had to happen, todays plan to visit Sentosa island, had to change after heavy rain, and by heavy rain, think tropical downpour, makes the recent Sydney rain look like a passing shower.

Anyhow, today has turned into a go-shopping day, with a visit to Orchard Road, which, for those who are unaware, is one of the main shopping areas.

So after the rain finally stopped, and this time after actually looking at the map, it's time to venture out.

With the hotel located this centrally, the trip to Orchard Road was about a 15-minute easy walk, and after the rain, it was cooler but way more steamy.

Now for the bad news, I took lots of photos from this trip, but after a problem with the memory card I brought from home, all the photos were lost. So the only photo is below, and that was taken with my old water soaked phone.

Orchard Road1
* This is the only photo I have, and that was taken, as I said, on my old, poor, wet phone.

As for the shopping experience, well, after my phone nearly drowned (that's a different story), I decided to do the deed and upgrade to the latest Samsung S22, hoping to get a better price than I would back home.

Anyhow, my intention was not to go for the cheapest possible deal from any of the mountain of phone shops, and yes there is a reason behind this.

Basically, I want to get something that will work, be new, have a warranty, come from a real Samsung reseller, etc.

Otherwise, I would have just got one from SimLim Square, which would be cheaper, but with no guarantee of their origin, as most I checked out came from Hong Kong, so who knows what, if any, support or warranty I would get.

So, after talking to several local friends, I was put on to courts as being the Singapore version of JB Hi-Fi.

Now, being on Orchard Road, I found a large store and headed in.

To cut a long story short, I ended up buying a real dual SIM capable Samsung S22 Ultra 5G.

As for the costs, well, it was better than back home, but not by as much as I would like.

However, I did make one mistake: I was not carrying my passport or even a photo of it, so I was not able to claim the GST back at the airport. It's not good, and it's 100% down to me not checking if this process has changed since the last time I visited.

And yes, I did get some new memory cards for the camera, so at last, moving forward, I can take some real photos rather than relying on my phone.

Daily Stats: 28, 490 steps. 23.28km

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