Sentosa Island - July 2022

Sentosa Island was on my must visit list, as I have a long history with this island going back to my first visit back in the early 90s. Back in those days the island was fairly developed, just not as close as my research said it was today, so this should be good.

Getting to there, well, me being me, walking was my first choice, however it's too far for even me to walk, so it's MRT time, this time I head for the VivoCity mall. Now, this did not exist back when I first visited Sentosa; back then, the options were limited; you could take the cable car, taxi or one of the hotel shuttle buses.

Now there are way more options, for example there is a monorail which runs over the bridge to the island, plus a boardwalk which runs parallel to the islands bridge. Now guess which one I choose.

mono rail 1993
Mono-Rail circa 1993
* Pentax Z10, 35mm, 28mm (scanned print)

Talking about monorails, back when I first visited there was a loop monorail on the island which basically went everywhere. Unfortunately back in 2005 this was closed down, due to rising costs, and falling passender numbers.

Yes it was slow, not very comfortable, and not air conditioned, but still I do have good memories of riding this thing back in the day.

Anyhow, this shot, which dates from early 1993 shows the old monorail taken from one of the stations. And yes the quality is terrible, as this was scanned from a crappy faded print.

Should I ever find the negative, I will do a way better scan and update this page.

Yes, given my liking for walking, the boardwalk was the only real choice, so following the signs, venturing out of the mall and onto the boardwalk toward the island, its a easy and fairly short walk.

Board walk
Sentosa Boardwalk - July 2022. Nikon D850, 14-24@24mm, f2.8, 1/4000s

With the questionable weather, I decided to cut down the plan for the day, and basically do the walk along the length of the island. This walk runs along the south side of the island, basically parallel to the beaches.

Sentosa 1
Sentosa Beach Walk - July 2022. Nikon D850, 28-70@28mm, f4, 1/320s (GPS: 1°14'47.72" N, 103°49'31.69" E)

The walk runs along the road which runs parallel to the beaches, and given the interesting weather the shelter which runs along large parts of the path is most welcome.

Sentosa 2
Tanjong Beach - July 2022. Nikon D850, 28-70@28mm, f4, 1/320s (GPS: 1°14'31.30" N, 103°49'46.75" E)

Just check the sky, I took this just before the rain hit.

Daily Stats: 23, 297 steps. 17.81km

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