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Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1s. GPS

The last time I visited Sentosa, the weather gods decided to make me suffer, think rain, rain, and more rain. However, this time I picked the right day, and no rain, with plenty of sun.

So, time to head out, and given Sentosa is too far for even me to walk, I headed for breakfast at Raffles City, followed by a short walk to City Hall MRT station for the trip to Vivo City.

Vivo City is the closest MRT station to Sentosa, and other than being yet another huge shopping mall, it is directly connected to the island by either a boardwalk, dedicated monorail or even a cable car. The question is, which one to use?

Yes I said cable car, the last time I rode that was back in the 90s, and back then it was a good experience, if a litte stuffy (there was no AC). Anyhow, with this trip I do not have the time to book the tickets etc, so this is one for the next trip.

That's a no-brainer, given my liking of walking the boardwalk was the only choice.

Sentosa Banner
Samsung SM-S908E, 6mm, f2.8, 1s.

One thing to note is that given the popularity of visiting Sentosa, Vivo City can be very crowded. On the day I visited, the MTR was what I would call busy but not insane, while the rest of the shopping center was not too bad. For the crowds, I took a look at the queue for the monorail, which was insane. Now I visited during the work week, as just the thought of how bad it would be at the weekend was the stuff of nightmares.

Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1/750s.
(GPS: 1°15'24.72" N, 103°49'15.97" E)

The boardwalk is an easy walk, complete with covered walk ways, and some travellators (not that they where working) etc. As for me, being heat proof, and according to various people, more than a little insane, I walked out in the open.

OOPS, almost forgot, while I was researching for this page, I found out that I missed something, it seems if I visited on the weekend, and did battle with the crowds, the boardwalk hosts a bazaar, with stalls setup.

Arriving at the island, the first attraction is the Universal Studios theme park, which even at this time of day (around lunch time) was looking crowded, so I decided to put this off for another day, when I can get there way earlier.

Moving on, I had a wander around the shops, and could not resist the draw of the Hersheys store, so after stocking up of chocolate, I emerged back into the heat, and headed for the ever present 7-Eleven for liquid before continuing with the day.

Yes when referring to 7-eleven, I did say Ever Present, and this is not just a Sentosa thing, they are everywhere, with prices which are similar to those at home in Sydney.

The plan for the day was to repeat the beach walk I did back in 2022, and visit Fort Siloso, both hopefully without the rain.

The beach walk, is just that around 3km walk which runs behind the beaches, yes its on a road, but there is minimal traffic, and planety of shade, so nothing to be concerned about. Anyhow, enough talk its time to actually start the walk.

Sentosa Banner
Siliso Beach Walk
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1s.

There are actually three main beaches to see, they are Siloso, Tanjong and Palawan. The walk starts with Siloso beach, which is made up of 3 smaller beaches, each as picturesque as each other.

Sentosa Banner
Siliso Beach A
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1s.
Sentosa Banner
Siliso Beach B
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1s.
Sentosa Banner
Siliso Beach C
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1s.

One interesting thing I did notice was how few people there where, which was more than a little odd given how crowded vivo city was, maybe it was the heat, or the fact it was not the weekend. If this was Australia in summer, it would be crowded.

Sentosa Road
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1s.
Beach Walk Road behind Siloso Beach

Before moving on, with the above photos, I am not 100% sure the second and third are in the right order, and no I don't have GPS data for these. If anyone wants to correct things, let me know.

Heading for the next beach along the road, I came to beach station which is where on my last visit, the rain finally caught up with me. But not this time, nothing but sun.

Beach station is the end of the monorail line that runs from Vivo City, and in addition to this there are places to eat, and yet another of the every present 7-Eleven.

So think of it as an oasis on the beach walk, and for me most welcome as it was time to fuel up for the rest of the walk/day.

So after fuelling up, its back to the road and heading for Palawan Beach.

Interesting, after Beach Station there is a covered walkway which runs along the road, which although most likely intended as shade, really helped me on my last visit when the rain hit.

Wonder why its not like this before the station, maybe its planned, and if not, to me it would be most welcome.

Palawan Beach
Palawan Beach C
Samsung SM-S908E, 2.2mm, f1.8, 1s.

While walking along behind the beach, I spotted something which reminded me of Sydney, a Sulphur-crested cockatoo, who was putting on a "Look at me" together with the handler. Although as soon as I tried to take a photo, the show stopped, a camera shy cockatoo, now thats a first, or maybe it was just me. 😉

Talking to the handler, I found out that there is actually a wild population of these birds on the island.

Now this reminder of home was not the only thing I came across while walking the beach, just check out this art installation, which from doing some digging is actually one of four from the same artist, although it was the only one I saw. Something else for the next trip, assuming I make it before they are removed.

Palawan Beach
Palawan Beach Art
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1s.

Moving on and heading to Tanjong Beach, the final beach on the walk. The road is actually closed off for all traffic, not that there is much more than the odd shuttle bus, cyclist and island staff in golf carts.

Tanjong Beach
Tanjong Beach
Samsung SM-S908E, 2.2mm, f1.8, 1s.

This being the final beach, I took my life in my hands and headed for the water for a paddle, its not the water thats the issue but the hot sand. And yes the sand was hot to walk on, but did not feel as bad as my local beach feels in the middle of a Sydney summer.

Next time I will remember to bring my thongs (flip flops for the non Australians). Anyhow, I made it to the water with no real issues, and spent a pleasant time walking the length of the beach in the water. A real good time given the heat, and highly recommended.

With the beach walk complete, it was time to head for Fort Siloso, which I will cover on a separate page.

Daily stats: 27, 342 steps, which according to Samsung health, is around 23km. And no this does not include the wanderings around Fort Siloso. 😉

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