Sim Lim Tower

Sim Lim Tower
Sim Lim Tower - April 2023 Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1/1600s. GPS: N:1°18'11.05" E:103°51'14.09"

Normally when anyone thinks of electronics shopping in Singapore, they think of Sim Lim Square, which while worth the visit is more general computers, cameras, phones etc, whereas the "Other" electronics mall is Sim Lim Tower which is more lighting, tools, electronic components etc.

Simlim Square outside
Sim Lim Square April 2023
Samsung SM-955F, 4.2mm, f1.7, 1/100s.
GPS: N:1°18'11.4" E:103°51'14.3"

So, heading out from the hotel and getting to Sim Lim Tower is nothing more than a case of heading for Sim Lim Square and crossing the street, er well, it's a construction site, so be careful with the traffic and watch for the lights.

Why I mention the "watch for the lights", is not just a PSA, but the result of something I witnessed when some idiot on a push bike came out of a street without looking and got close to being taken out by a truck.

Bugis April 2023
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.8, 1/6000s
GPS: N:1°17'54.83" E:103°51'15.10"

Getting there from the hotel was a short, easy walk; head for Bugis Junction, which is very close, then turn left, you will see both the Square and Tower right ahead of you.

Before I forget, if you are shopping for electronics, you may want to stop at the Bugis Junction Mall and check out the challenger store, which is in the basement of the mall. For those not familiar with Challenger, they are an electronics superstore that is similar to the JB HiFi stores I am used to in Sydney.

The first challenge of the day was to find the entrance, which, believe it or not, is not as simple as it should be. There are two entrances. The first seems to be for the offices above the mall, whereas the one you want is the second one.

When you make it inside, you will find this place is a bit of a maze and is very easy to get turned around, so I suggest you, as I did, start in the basement, then work your way up from there. And yes, there are steps from the entrance down to the basement. Maybe its just me, but I found this easier not to get turned around.

As for what is actually on offer here, well, just about everything electronic component-related, plus tools and books, although you will notice that there is a heavy bias toward LED lighting. Which over the past few years has been getting worse, to the point where in a few years, sunscreen may be needed.

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