Singapore July 2022

Finally, with the end of the COVID lockdowns for most of the planet has arrived, which in my case allowed me to finally take my first overseas trip in way too many years.

As for where to go, well with my two favorite places in asia being Hong Kong and Singapore, but with Hong Kong and the rest of china being still in lockdown at the time of planning, that left Singapore as the only real option.

This long page is the blog style tale of my trip, complete with the highs and lows, plus some rants where justified.

What to see and do [top]

Yes this is a long list, and its based on recommendations from friends who live there.

When most people think Singapore they think Raffles Hotel and things like the Singapore Sling, so for completeness, on my wanderings I walked right past Raffles and took this, not my best shot and taken with my phone, but shows the old colonial hotel with the modern high rise in the background.

As for the Singapore Sling, well as I do not drink, its not something I can really comment on, others however have told me its something which needs to be experienced, especially for gin drinkers.

Raffels Hotel
* Shot on my old phone, with a large amount of Photoshop work, which included color and perspective corrections, and even some object removal.
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