Singapore - December 2023

Marina Bay
Samsung SM-S908E, 6.4mm, f1.2. GPS: N:1°16'55.4916" E:103°51'13.5282"

2023, the year where I managed to visit Singapore twice, once at easter and a longer one over the Xmas holiday period. So plenty of time for catching up with friends, seeing the sites, and yes shopping.

Now, while on the subject of shopping, there is something I found out the hard way. Put simply, the prices for some things are the same as at home in Sydney, while others are way more expensive.

What to see and do [top]

Yes, this is a long list, and it's based on recommendations from friends who live there, plus the results of my last trip.

For these trips, just like the previous one, I have been recording my daily step counts etc, and when I got back home, I checked the numbers, and even in the Singapore suna, I managed to average a little over 22, 000/day. And yes, this is even more than my average when at home.

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