Singapore 2023 - Street Art

Street Art
Nikon D850, 14-24@20mm, f4.5, 1/4000s (GPS: 1°16'56.4132" N, 103°50'42.345" E)

With this trip, I always intended to see more and do way more wanderings than the previous trip, put simply, hunt down and see the unusual.

Doing this takes lots of walking, and this being Singapore, it's quite safe to walk anywhere at any time, and yes thats something I can confirm, having wandered all over the island at all times of the day and night with zero issues. So off I went.

This was the first of these that I came across, and it was a totally unexpected but most welcome find. And from talking to a friend who has been living in Singapore for decades, even he did not know they existed.

zoomed image 1
* Zoomed crop of top banner

And yes, I hinted at it on my main Chinatown page.

With the above shot, I noticed, that yet again, the camera GPS data was missing, so I did some digging and found out that this specific mural is called Cantonese Opera and, Yip Yew Chong, the artist responsible for most of the murals on this page has a web site which has details on these and many others.

OK, I have seen this sort of thing in the past, but rarely even close to this good, with the level of detail and how it's blended into the environment, in this (and others) being nothing short of amazing. Just check out this enlargement.

Spending the day in Chinatown and doing my usual wandering down side streets and back alleys, I came across more of the same and started to take photos, which some are included here, with many others in a dedicated gallery.

Anyhow, as part of doing the research when creating the gallery, it seems that there are many more examples of this art which I totally missed, so with the next Singapore trip I will track them all down and add photos.

While on the subject of pictures, some of these paintings were on relatively narrow streets, making shooting good photos less straightforward, even with my 14mm lens. to the rescue 😉

alley 1
Nikon D850, 14-24@14mm, f4.5, 1/800s

One of the others I came across, which I found especially interesting, was down a less than well-lit side street and a part of a much larger one; however, most of it had garbage piled in front of it, so again, photoshop to the rescue, and time to fix the perspective and crop the best part.

This one is more of a stylised painting, rather then the candid street scene, but still just as interesting for me.

One detail in this one which I totally missed was the Marina Bay Sands in the background, when I first saw this I assumed it was a Chinese character. Doh!

After finding the GPS data for this shot is missing, I did some googling but only found minimal references to this one, and nothing which let me identify the location let along get the GPS data. Oh well, next trip I will do some wandering.

Moving on, I found many other examples which I added to my Street Art and Signs Gallery, and as I said, on my next trip I will go looking for those I missed and any new ones.

alley 1
Little India Street Art
Samsung SM-S908E, 2.2mm, f2.2, 1s.

Now, Chinatown is not the only street art I saw, while visiting Little India I came across a few others which while not. in my opinion, as good as the Chinatown ones, where still well worth shooting.

It was late in the day when I was in Little India, so there was not much available time before losing the light, but I would expect there to be more of these in the surrounding streets. So yes this is another one for the next trip.

alley 1
More Little India Street Art
Samsung SM-S908E, 2.2mm, f2.2, 1s.

I did have a quick look around, and yes there where others, but the light was bad and the traffic would not cooperate, so none of the shots I took where even close to my usual standard, so again, expect more updates after my next trip.

Anyhow, after a long day and really hammering the step count, it was time to call it a day and head back to the hotel.

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