Singapore 2023 - Getting There

My outbound ride
Samsung SM-S908E, 7.9mm, f2.4, 1/120s. GPS

Not much changed since the last time I went through Sydney airport, just the same horribly overpriced everything and many bored-looking people.

Talking of overpriced everything, I had to buy something for once, having left my water bottle at home; ouch, that was painful something to make sure not to forget for the next trip.

Anyhow, killing time, looking at the planes, taking the odd photo, etc. While on the subject of photos, yes, the above shot is actually my plane, taken through the terminal window. While the next one shows the Sydney CBD and how close it is to the airport.

Sydney CBD from the airport
Samsung SM-S908E, 7.9mm, f2.4, 1/195s.

This time, the flight was Singapore Airlines, with no Operated by Scoot in the loop, so as expected zero issues with getting on the flight; I found my seat and prepared to try to sleep for the whole flight.

Then another passenger spoke to me and asked to swap seats so he could sit with his family. I was expecting the worse, having read many Reddit entitled Karen stories, but no, he was polite, did not demand to swap, and indicated that his original seat was one row back and, just like my original one, an aisle.

So, no problem for me; I agreed and swapped seats. A little while later, one of the crew asked me about switching the seat; maybe she also had been reading Reddit too much. No issue for me; I just said, it s all good, no problem for me

As for the flight, as I was in cattle/coach, it was a little cramped but better than some, and that s another reason why I like Singapore airlines.

Going through Changi airport was as just as ever super-efficient; I was out and, in a Taxi, heading for the hotel in under an hour.

This time it was an interesting ride, the driver seemed to really want the trip to be over, as he was speeding the whole time, and even his car kept on say, Drive Safely , as we drifted between lanes. Oh well, at least I made it to the hotel alive and in one piece.

Arriving at the Carlton was again just the same as last time, check-in without any problems, and this time I was in a different part of the hotel in what they call the premier room, rather than the deluxe one from the previous visit.

Not sure why, as reasonably sure I did not select anything different from the previous trip when booking; anyhow, the room was a little different from the previous one in that it has a bath rather than just a shower. Other than that, and no view, all is good.

Daily Stats: 26, 591 steps, which samsung health tells me is a little over 20km.

Yes this is a crazy number, however it does include the long walk I took before heading to the airport. Oh well its the exercise that counts.

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