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This is the first iteration of my new photo gallery, I have broken it up into several subject specific sections, starting with the macro shots, then moving on to local australian wildlife, and finally on to architecture. And yes some of these are used in other areas on this site, so no you are not seeing double, its intentional.

Most of these shots are taken with one of my DSLR, and include the technical details from the extensize metadata of the shot. However the others, which where taken with either my old Samsung S8 or my new S22 and still include what little technical data is in the metadata, just be aware its limited in these cases.

Now comes my style of photography, I like taking super sharp candid shots on various subjects, basically if I like it, I shoot it, and am known for spending whole days wandering around, camera in hand. With every shot from the DSLR being shot raw, then loaded into photoshop. I try to not over do things with the editing, rather edit to the point where I like the result.

Once last thing, none of these can be used for any commercial purpose without written permission. You can ask me via the martian engineer AT gmail dot com


Macro Macro Shots. This is a fairly new interest for me, and since I finally talked myself into it, and bought a microscope for use with my electronics work, I figured it would be an ideal time to play around with macro photography. The first step was to buy the adapter to let me use my Nikon DSLR with the microscope, then came the first shots using electronic parts as the subject. [read]

Australian Wildlife Australian Wildlife. Those who know me, understand that I do way too much walking, +20km is normal, anyhow this being australia there are many many good walks to do, and while on these I come across some of the local wildlife. This gallery is a collection of some of these wildlife encounters and at the moment includes mainly birds and some reptiles. [read]

Architecture Architecture and Landscape. Since I first started learning photography back in the 1970s, I have had two main areas of interest, landscapes and architecture. Included in this gallery are shots taken in various parts of the world, so far its mainly Singapore and Sydney, with the plan being to add some Hong Kong shots from back in the day, as soon as I can make the time. [read]