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Singapore CBD

Singapore CBD 2010
* D700, 28-70 Lens, July 2010, photoshop color and perspective correction and cropping.

Singapore is one of my favorite places to visit, and the shots in this gallery with the exception of the above banner, where all taken with my Nikon D850, during recent trips. As always each is labeled with the technical details and what/if any photoshop work has been done.

I have my next trip to singapore booked for this april 2023, so will replace the above old banner with a new one, shot from as close to the same location as possible. Not only would it be a better shot, but will also show how things change over a 12 year period.

July 2022

Singapore CBD July 2022
* D850, ISO100, 14-24mm@14mm, F2.8, 1/3200s (crop, color and heavy perspective correction)