Hong Kong August 2023

Hong Kong Trip
* D700, 28-70@28mm, 1/3200s, f4, crop from 48 shot composite, heavy photoshop, perspective and color correction

Yes, yet another overseas trip; this time, it's back to Hong Kong after way too many years. Yes, I said back, as I lived there back in the day and have been visiting ever since, with this being the longest time between visits. Covid has lots to answer for.

As for the above shot, this is a crop of a composite made up of 48 shots, taken back in 2012 just as a typhoon was approaching, just check out the cloudy sky.

This long page is the blog style tale of my trip, complete with the highs and lows, plus some rants where justified.

What to see and do (The current plan)

Yes this is a long list, and its based on recommendations from friends who live there, plus way too much time googling.

  • Getting There
  • The lay of the land
  • Kowloon
  • The Peak by day
  • The Peak by night
  • Lantau Island
  • Hong Hong Disney
  • Stanley Market
  • Repulse Bay
  • Deep Water Bay
  • Peng Cho Island
  • IFC
  • Star Ferry
  • Sham Shui Po
  • Harbour by Night
  • Discovery Bay
  • Happy Valley
  • MUI WO to Discovery Bay Hike
  • Causeway Bay
  • A Day in Shenzen (maybe)
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