Balmoral Beach, Christmas Day 2018
* SM-G955F, 4.2mm, f/1.7, 1/2500s.

All the shots in these galleries have been taken with various cameras and phones, ranging from the old 35mm film camera to my latest Nikon D850 DSLR and phones, including Samsung S6, S8, and S22.

Each image is marked with what metadata is available, including camera, lens, focal length, shutter speed, aperture and GPS coordinates.

One thing to note with the GPS data; is that my Nikon on-camera GPS has recently been giving intermittent errors; for example, one shot was marked with coordinates around 20km out.

One last thing, none of these can be used commercially without written permission. You can ask me via the martian engineer AT gmail dot com

Architecture Architecture and Landscape. Since I first started photography in the 1970s, my main areas of interest have been landscapes and architecture. Included in this gallery are taken in various parts of Asia and Oceania, plus some historial shots. [view]
Street Art and Signs Street art and signs. After one of my trips to Singapore, where I stumbled upon some excellent street art, I started taking photos and ended up totally hooked. Also included here are various signs which I found interesting. [view]
Australian Wildlife Australian Wildlife. This being Australia, there are many good walks to do, and while on these, I come across some of the local wildlife; this gallery is the result of these encounters and currently is only birds, however expect this to change in the future. [view]
Orchids Orchids. On may latest Singapore trip back in April 2023, on a stormy day I visited the Botanical Gardens, which is also home to the National Orchids Gardens, the result is this gallery. And yes I will add Australian Orchids when time allows. [view]
Macro shots Macro Shots. Since I finally talked myself into it and bought a microscope for my electronics work, I decided it would be an ideal time to play around with macro photography. This gallery is the result. [view]
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