Travel and General Wonderings

With what looks like the end of the Covid mess, various countries are finally opening their borders, which means traveling overseas is finally possible again. This page is a travel blog of the trips taken/planned, general wanderings around Sydney, plus some historical photos, etc.

Coming later this year are trips back to Singapore and, after way too many years, Hong Kong, both of which will be blogged here with many photos.

Hong Kong 2023

After China opened up after covid, my finances allowed it, and various other things aligned, the time to go back to Hong Kong has finally arrived after way too many years.

I lived in HK back in the day, and have many good memories and friends living there, so this trip is an excellent opportunity to catch up with them, play tourist, do some serious shopping, and do some of the long walks which have been on the to-do list for a while. [read]

Singapore 2023

Yes, back to Singapore for the second time in 2 years. Some people would call me nuts and claim that it would be too dull to visit too often, but no, not for me; it's one of my favorite places to visit, and with each visit, I always have more things to see and do.

Just like the last time, the plan was to take the same flights, stay in the same hotel, etc., just this time, the visit is longer, so there is more time to play tourist, catch up with friends etc. [read]

Singapore 2022

After way too many years in lockdown, both the covid restrictions and my finances allowed for me head overseas for a well overdue break.

As for where to go, my two favourite places to visit are Hong Kong and Singapore, but with Hong Kong and the rest of China still being in lockdown, the choice was made for me, Singapore here I come. And this visit gives me the opportunity to play tourist. [read]

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